Our Rockland County Dentist Is Gentle and Skilled

When teeth become affected by decay or infection, root canal treatments become necessary. During a root canal, Dr. Dunayer removes the nerves, pulp, bacteria and decay, which he replaces with medicated dental materials that preserve the tooth and restore its function.

Why Root Canal Therapy Is Sometimes Necessary

Root canals are the best way to preserve a tooth that might otherwise require removal. Although some mistakenly think a complete extraction represents a cheaper, simpler option; ultimately, this can result in unintended complications. A missing tooth may force neighboring teeth to shift or become loose. Shifting teeth can become crooked, while also creating a bad bite which can promote temporomandibular joint disorder. Extraction can also raise the need for expensive dental bridges, implants or removable partial dentures.

Ultimately, there’s nothing like your natural teeth; and root canal therapy provides the most cost-effective, reliable way to preserve natural function when infections threaten a tooth.

More Comfortable Than Ever

While some dentists still utilize traditional hand filing techniques to clear root canals; Our Rockland County dentist, Dr. Dunayer uses modern, state-of-the-art technology to make treatments more comfortable and precise.

These electronic devices allow him to clearly and efficiently identify the location of the canal and extract diseased or damaged tissue more quickly, while causing minimal stress and discomfort.

No one is excited about needing a root canal, but the discomfort of a root canal is grossly overstated in the media. If you’ve never had a root canal, don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you in pain. We can help save your tooth and stop it from hurting you.

CEREC Improves Patient Experience

Our CEREC dental crown machine can make root canal therapy even easier!Another great technology that makes root canal therapy better than ever is CEREC, located in our West Nyack office. This remarkable device allows us to make dental crowns while you wait. In the past, you had to have a temporary crown placed following your root canal, then come back for another appointment to have your permanent crown fitted. With CEREC this can all be completed in a single visit, and you can get a color-matched all-ceramic crown right away.

CEREC also helps because it uses a digital impression technique. That means there’s no need to bite down on an impression compound during the procedure. After holding your jaw open for the preparation of your tooth, biting down on the impression compound can be difficult and uncomfortable. The discomfort at the time can also be accompanied by a poor impression, which leads to a poor crown that may not fit properly.  Using the CEREC tool, we are proud to offer our Premium Crown Experience which will give you an attractive, fully ceramic dental crown in a single, comfortable visit.

When it comes to root canal therapy, we provide a gentle, efficient approach that helps our patients enjoy an unwinding, comfortable visit. For an even more relaxed root canal therapy experience, ask for sedation dentistry! If you are in Rockland County and need a root canal, give us a call at (845) 627-7645 or contact our dental office in West Nyack, NY today.