Dentures are not lifetime restorations. They need to be replaced regularly to maintain the appearance and function of your mouth. If you don’t replace them regularly, they can become uncomfortable. You may experience poor fit and your dentures may fall out. You can develop bad chewing habits and experience the effects of a bad bite. Replacement dentures can restore the fit, function, and appearance. And if you want to improve your results, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade.

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Consider an upgrade to FOY® Dentures when getting replacement dentures

FOY® Denture

Reasons to Replace Dentures

Replacement Dentures are often needed simply because they are misplaced. Or maybe they get broken because they were dropped, kicked, stepped on, or even chewed by a pet.

Dentures also need to be replaced on a regular basis as they tend to wear down or lose fit or functionality with age. There isn’t a recommended time period for replacing traditional dentures, but here are some signs that your dentures might need replacing:

  • Denture fit is worsening
  • Denture relines aren’t improving fit
  • You rely more on denture adhesive
  • It is hard to eat or speak
  • You have sores in the mouth under the denture
  • Gums hurt
  • You experience headaches, jaw pain, or back pain
  • Dentures are visibly worn
  • They are unattractive

Dentures may initially fit well and function properly, but this may not last long. Traditional dentures tend to wear down quickly, and as your mouth changes in response to dentures, it can be hard to maintain the proper fit. Relines may help keep the fit, but if they stop working, it’s time for replacement dentures.

There’s no reason why you should resign yourself to limited diet, unclear speech, or pain.

And there’s no reason why you should accept unattractive dentures, although some may never have been attractive in the first place.

What about Denture Repairs?

Some of the problems may be fixed with a simple repair. If you’ve broken your denture, you should not try to repair it yourself. Home denture repair kits contain toxic materials that you may not want to put in your mouth. It’s easy to interfere with the function or fit of the denture if you repair them yourself.

Another advantage of getting professional repair for your dentures is that you can have their function evaluated. Sometimes, a denture break is actually a problem with the fit of dentures, and a repair will just lead to another break. A denture dentist can tell you whether you should repair your dentures or get a replacement.

Consider a Denture Upgrade

If you are getting replacement dentures, it’s time to consider upgrading them for improved fit and function.

Dental implants are a tremendous upgrade from traditional dentures. With dental implants, your dentures will be better fixed in your mouth. They won’t slip or slide or fall out of your mouth when eating or talking.

Another upgrade option is FOY ® Dentures. FOY ® Dentures ensure the highest quality fit for your dentures. This helps your dentures stay in place and feel comfortable. It supports good function of your jaws and helps you maintain balance and good walking speed.

But perhaps the best benefit of FOY ® Dentures is that they can rejuvenate your facial appearance, helping you look years, even decades younger. It’s like a facelift without surgery!

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