Traditional dentures have changed in many ways in the hundreds of years since they were invented. New materials have been invented and new manufacturing techniques are used. But one place where they haven’t changed much is the way that dentures are fitted. Until the introduction of neuromuscular dentistry, that is. Neuromuscular dentistry has transformed the process for fitting dentures, improving comfort and function.

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Neuromuscular dentistry has transformed the process for fitting dentures

How Neuromuscular Dentistry Changes Denture Fitting

Neuromuscular dentistry is the study of how the bite system works together, analyzing how muscles, teeth, bones, and joints produce an effective healthy bite in harmony. It also helps us understand how disharmony in your bite can produce discomfort through the irregular forces on your teeth or dentures.

When a neuromuscular dentist fits dentures, he ensures that these dentures produce a harmonious bite. This is done through a series of complex measurements that allow us to determine the optimal position of your jaws. This ensures that your jaws and jaw muscles aren’t fighting against your dentures. When you bite, you will experience a good, even pressure on your dentures.

Neuromuscular dentists also use a dynamic impression technique. This dynamic impression technique stimulates your muscles while your denture impression is being made. This muscle twitching creates a refined impression that incorporates room for how your muscles, tendons, and other tissues move when biting, chewing, and talking.

Improved Comfort

Neuromuscular dentistry makes your dentures more comfortable by balancing the forces in your bite. This reduces pinch points and areas of extreme pressure that can cause gum discomfort.

Because your dentures are ideally suited to your bite, they will be more comfortable to wear. They put your muscles in a relaxed position, so they’re not constantly tensed, which could lead to jaw pain. You won’t feel stress in your jaw joints. Your neck will also feel more relaxed because your dentures promote proper posture.

And remember those little indentations in the side of the impression? They mean that your dentures won’t be irritating your muscles, tendons, or other soft tissues every time you bite, chew, or talk.

Improved Function

With better fit, your dentures will function better. Accommodation for your muscles in motion allows them to move more freely without being irritated, and without dislodging your dentures. Balanced bite forces also allow you to bite down harder without experiencing discomfort.

Better Appearance

A side effect of fitting your dentures to your bite is that it restores your proper facial proportions. Many of the effects of facial aging, such as jowls, deep facial folds, a poorly defined chin, hanging skin in the neck, and, especially, sunken denture face, is related to the loss of teeth and bones in your face.

Neuromuscular dentistry gives us a way to measure the proper proportions of your face by “reading” them from the natural relationships between your facial muscles and jaw structures. As a result, we get dentures that are just the right size for these structures, which developed during your late teens and early 20s.

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