Pain is one of the most common complaints people have about their dentures. Denture pain comes from many causes. Some are easily remedied, such as pain caused by inadequate maintenance. Others may be harder to fix, such as pain caused by bone structure. But the Denture Fountain of Youth ® is designed to minimize discomfort from your dentures.

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FOY® Denture

FOY® Denture

Inadequate Denture Maintenance

Inadequate denture maintenance can cause denture pain for many reasons. If you’re not removing your dentures at night, your gums don’t get a chance to rest. The soreness from a long day of denture wear can continue to persist and even worsen overnight.

Wearing dentures overnight also allows bacteria and yeast to continue to accumulate on them overnight, which can lead to gum infections (as well as lung infections, pneumonia).

If you leave your dentures out in a dry area, they can warp, which can be very painful. Make sure to store your dentures in water or a recommended denture solution when you’re not wearing them.

Don’t forget to clean your dentures and mouth thoroughly. Brush dentures and gums to remove all food particles. Soak your dentures overnight and rinse your mouth well after brushing.

Another essential part of denture maintenance is visiting your dentist regularly to make sure the denture fits properly. If you’re not visiting your dentist regularly, the denture fit may have changed and may now be causing pain.

Poor Denture Fit

Denture fit is probably the most common cause of denture pain. If your dentures are too tight, they will press against your gums, causing soreness. On the other hand, if your dentures are too loose, they can move around in your mouth, rubbing your gums or hitting up against them.

Dentures may be fit so they create an imbalanced bite. This imbalanced bite focuses force on some areas of the mouth, creating painful levels of force. This can also be caused when the denture rocks back and forth, creating a lever effect that accentuates the force of bite. This will not only hurt, it can actually snap your denture in half.

Dentures can also be poorly fitted to your bite system, which can stress your jaw muscles and neck muscles, resulting in jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms.

Chewing Habits

When you had worn, failing, or missing teeth, your body may have developed bad chewing habits. When you try to employ these habits with a suddenly full mouth of dentures, it can cause your dentures to rub or press against your gums unpleasantly.

And, of course, chewing with dentures requires a different chewing technique. It can take a while to master the new technique, and in the meantime you may experience discomfort.

Bone-Related Denture Pain

Denture pain can also be caused by the structure of your bone. After your teeth are extracted, the bony ridge that supported them begins to be removed by the body. Sometimes in the process of removal, your body turns the ridge into a sharp, knifelike edge. This can be very painful when the denture presses down on the gum tissue.

Other times, the process of extraction may have created small bone shards that remain in their gums. These may not always cause pain at first, as they take some time to work their way through the gums.

How FOY ® Dentures and Implant Dentures Resolve Denture Pain

FOY ® Dentures use a unique fitting method. This scientific method ensures an optimal fit, and it’s predictable, unlike traditional denture fitting that is so unreliable it made many dentists quit making dentures. And FOY ® Dentures are fitted not just to your mouth, but to the entire jaw system, including the muscles and joints. This helps balance the bite forces, improve chewing, and ensure that you don’t end up with denture-related TMJ.

Implant dentures can stabilize dentures, reducing or even eliminating their ability to shift around in the mouth. They can even be designed to shift bite force back to the bones where it belongs so that your gums aren’t bearing bite forces they were never intended to withstand.

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