Implant dentures are better than traditional dentures and more like your natural teeth. Where traditional dentures just sit on your gums and are free to slide around, implant dentures are secured in your jawbone and stay where they’re supposed to. Implant dentures can help you chew more effectively and speak more clearly. And they can help support your jawbones, gums, lips, and even your entire face more effectively.

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Secure Dentures

Traditional dentures just sit on your gums, but implant dentures are actually secured in your jawbone, similar to the way your natural teeth were. This means that they won’t move around. They’ll always stay in place, just the way your natural teeth did.

There are different methods of attaching dentures to implants, and some of these can make them more secure for chewing. Even the most basic attachment will keep your denture in place for talking and smiling, but when you apply the stress of biting, some types of dentures may be susceptible to coming out off place. We can talk to you about your attachment options so you can get the level of attachment you desire.

Better Comfort

Traditional dentures put the pressure of chewing on your gums. Your gums were never meant to support this pressure–that’s the job of the teeth. As a result, dentures can be very uncomfortable to wear. Some people adapt, but not all do.

And if your dentures are sliding around in your mouth, it can hurt the sides of your gums, too.

But implant dentures put less pressure (in some cases virtually no pressure) on your gums, so they’re more comfortable. And they’re not sliding around, either, so your gums don’t get sore on the sides, either.

Improved Function

As we noted above, dental implants keep your dentures secure for talking. This makes your speech clearer as your tongue can form the proper sounds in combination with your replacement teeth.

Chewing efficiency is also improved significantly. With implant dentures, more people are able to eat challenging foods such as steak or raw vegetables. This can improve your nutrition and your quality of life.

Supporting the Bones

Your body doesn’t maintain bones it finds are unnecessary. So when your teeth are lost, your body begins removing the bones that used to support your teeth. When the bones are gone, your face shrinks. You end up with more excess skin that either folds around the mouth or droops down off your chin and neck.The Denture Fountain of Youth

Eventually, your bones will shrink to the point where there’s not enough left to hold a denture at all.

But dental implants continue to stimulate your bones so your body maintains and even strengthens them. This helps preserve the function of your dentures and the appearance of your face.

We can further help provide support for your facial appearance with FOY® Dentures . FOY® Dentures  restore the youthful proportions to your face and help you look much younger.

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