Many people assume that dentures have to look fake. After all, everyone has seen those dentures that are easy to spot from a mile away. But the truth is, there are probably many people you’ve known who had or have dentures, and you’ve never guessed. That’s because with modern techniques and technologies it’s possible to make dentures that look like natural teeth.

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How to Make Dentures Look Natural

Designing natural dentures is one of the most challenging problems of cosmetic dentistry. There are three essential elements that combine to create a natural appearance in dentures:

  • Using quality materials
  • Designing a natural style
  • Ensuring proper fit

When a denture dentist combines these three elements, as happens in the Denture Fountain of Youth ®, dentures will achieve an appearance more natural than you might have thought possible.

Quality Materials Look Natural

One of the things that makes dentures look fake is when they are made of cheap materials. The biggest problem with cheap dentures is that they have plastic teeth. These teeth are actually made out of the same material as the denture base. Although they’re colored differently, they can’t help but look plastic and fake.

But modern denture teeth can be made out of ceramic materials that are actually very similar to the material used in porcelain veneers. The material is designed to stand up to direct comparison when sitting next to a natural tooth, so you know that it looks natural. It has the same luster, translucency, and even fluorescence as tooth enamel.

Denture Designs That Look Natural

Another problem with cheap dentures is that they’re mass-produced and feature all the same size and shape of teeth. These standardized, even teeth can be picked out easily–they just don’t look like natural teeth.

With high quality dentures, your teeth can be designed individually so that they look like natural teeth. If you want, you can choose to model your dentures after your natural teeth and turn back the clock to what your smile looked like when you were much younger. Or you can get an entirely new smile that is custom-designed for you, with each tooth specifically shaped, turned, and placed to give an attractive, natural appearance.

The denture base needs to be designed properly, too. While many denture bases are just made of flat, uniformly tinted plastic, dentures can also be designed with more distinct coloration and the same translucency and marbling as natural gums.

Fit Is Most Important

The fit of your dentures is crucial to ensuring the proper appearance of your dentures. If your dentures look too large or too small for your mouth, they will immediately stand out. The problem is that denture fit is one of the biggest problems you will face. Cheap dentures often come in standardized sizes so that the odds that they really fit your mouth are pretty remote. Even dentures that are custom-designed may not fit right because most dentists aren’t extensively trained in the fitting of dentures, and often rely on hand-me-down maxims and guidelines for their techniques.

But the Denture Fountain of Youth ® is a system for fitting dentures that helps to ensure the optimum fit every time. Not only do we measure your mouth and take detailed impressions, we measure your muscles to ensure that they are being stretched to their optimal resting position, just the way your natural teeth did when you were younger. This not only makes your dentures more comfortable, it ensures a natural–and youthful–appearance.

By securing your dentures in the optimal position, using dental implants as an implant denture attachment option ensures that denture slipping doesn’t give away their presence.

To learn more about how we can ensure your dentures look natural in Rockland County, please call (845) 627-7645 or email us for an appointment at B & D Dental Excellence – A Dental365 Company in West Nyack.