There are many options for dentures in Rockland County. Many people who are trying to sell you dentures will tell you that there is little difference between these options and that the best dentures are the cheapest. But the truth is that quality dentures offer many benefits that you just can’t get from cheap dentures.

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Look Younger

Your dentures can dramatically impact your appearance. Poorly designed and poorly fitting dentures can make you look a lot older than you are. The teeth in cheap dentures are likely to become stained and worn more quickly, and worn, discolored teeth will make people automatically assume you are older.

But the most dramatic effect is what dentures can do to your face. Your teeth and jaw support the lower third of your face. When you lose your teeth and the jawbone that supported them, your face shrinks, but the skin, fat, and muscles don’t. This causes them to hang loosely on your face, or fold inward. You can develop deep lines and wrinkles around the mouth, jowls, turkey neck, and a sunken mouth. Your jaw can lose definition. Poorly fitted dentures don’t fix this, and can even contribute to it. Properly fitted dentures like FOY ® Dentures designed using your natural bone structure can restore your face to its youthful proportions, making you look dramatically younger.

No One Needs to Know You Have Dentures

Cheap dentures are often obvious dentures. Even if they’re not slipping out of place or if you’re constantly adjusting them, people can likely tell you have them. That’s because the material used for the teeth and gums of your dentures doesn’t look like natural tooth and gum tissue. It’s plastic and it looks like plastic.

But with quality dentures, you can keep your secret. FOY ® Dentures are made using the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry to ensure you get natural looking dentures. The teeth are made of a ceramic material similar to what is used in porcelain veneers. The teeth can be individually characterized to give your smile a personal, individual appearance. The base is made using a complex layering process that mimics the appearance of gum tissue–it even has small inclusions that look like blood vessels.

Better Chewing and Speaking

Your dentures have to function as your natural teeth, but many cheap dentures aren’t good at this. First, there’s the problem of poor fit that makes it hard for your dentures to stay in place when your mouth is moving, which makes it hard to eat or speak efficiently. And then there’s the problem that your dentures don’t mimic the size and shape of your natural teeth, which can cause them to interfere with your natural tooth motions for chewing and speaking. Cheap dentures also have plastic teeth. If you’ve ever tried to cut a steak with a plastic knife, you know how inadequate these are.

Quality dentures have improved fit. They can also be anchored with dental implants to ensure they stay in place when eating or speaking. Implant dentures can be less bulky than traditional dentures, making it easier to speak clearly and eat naturally. Ceramic teeth are also harder than plastic and can be more effective for biting and chewing.

Be More Active

Your jaw has a vital role to play in helping stabilize your head and neck, which can have impacts on your balance and the position of your spine. This has been backed up by numerous studies showing that people with no dentures or poorly fitting dentures have difficulty walking and are more likely to experience falls.

Quality dentures, especially those designed with your natural bone structure like FOY ® Dentures, can help you maintain strength and balance so you can continue enjoying a more active life.

Be More Social

People with unattractive or poorly functioning dentures are more likely to be socially isolated than those with natural teeth or quality dentures. That’s because your dentures can make you more self-conscious about being out in public. You may start avoiding some activities, like anything involving eating, then skip more and more until you’re not spending time with friends anymore.

But quality dentures give you a smile you can share with confidence, and trust to eat most foods. You’ll be happy to spend more time out with friends.

Be More Comfortable

Poorly fitted dentures can be very uncomfortable. They can pinch your gums or slide around, irritating your gums and hitting them on the side. The dentures can also be very imbalanced, causing places where the dentures push down with excessive, painful force. Dentures that are poorly fitted can also cause discomfort because they don’t hold your jaw at a comfortable angle, leading to sore muscles in the jaw and neck.

Properly designed and fitted dentures are comfortable to wear. You won’t want to take them out, they’re so natural to wear. And in many cases you won’t have to. Implant dentures can be worn permanently without needing to be removed for soaking.

Fewer Replacements

If you invest in quality dentures, they’ll likely last you longer. Because cheap dentures are uncomfortable, people often take them out for eating or just sitting around the house. This increases the risk that dentures will be broken or lost. And cheap dentures wear out faster because they are made of low-density plastic base and plastic teeth. And as your body removes bone from your jaws, your old dentures just might not fit any more, even with relines.

But quality dentures are designed of sturdy material so they’re less likely to wear out or break. Because they’re comfortable, you’ll keep them in more, so they’re less likely to get broken or lost. And implant dentures help your body hold onto bone so that your dentures will fit properly for longer.

Quality Dentures Are Worth It

If you are getting dentures for the first time or looking to replace lost, worn, or damaged dentures, invest in quality dentures. They will reward you in many ways and make life with dentures as good as life before dentures.

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