You might think you know dentures, but if you think that dentures have to be uncomfortable, have to be unattractive, and have to fall out when eat, talk, or laugh, then you don’t know today’s dentures. B & D Dental Excellence – A Dental365 Company is proud to offer the Denture Fountain of Youth®, which may be the best you’ve ever had — better dentures than you might have thought were possible.

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Implant Dentures

Are you tired of loose dentures that make it hard to talk or eat? Implant dentures look, feel, and function like natural teeth! Eat all your favorite foods, speak clearly, and smile with confidence!

Dentures That Look Natural

Do you want dentures that no one knows are dentures? We can make them and they look beautiful and natural. Customize them to look like your natural smile or get the smile you’ve always dreamt of!

Eliminate Denture Pain!

You might think that pain is just part of having dentures, but it doesn’t have to be. Find out why your dentures hurt and how they can be made so they’re comfortable to wear.

The Denture Fountain of Youth® Difference

The Denture Fountain of Youth in Rockland County at B&D DentalFOY® Dentures are designed to do an optimal job replacing your lost teeth. The goal is to give you not just a passable smile, but a great smile, possibly the best smile of your life. At the same time, FOY® Dentures can restore your facial structure to its youthful proportions, giving you a significant facelift effect.

FOY® Dentures are designed using your natural bone structure. This means they aren’t just fitted to your gums, they are fitted to your entire bite and your face. We measure your muscles during fitting and make sure that they fit harmoniously with your jaw muscles both at rest and in motion. This can help them fit properly and avoid denture pain, not just when you smile, but also when you’re talking or chewing. The result is dentures that stay in place under strenuous demand and support your tissues, creating an effect similar to a facelift.

FOY® Dentures are also manufactured using the best materials and techniques available. This helps them look very attractive, very natural, and more youthful.

Benefits of FOY® Dentures

Because of their great materials and superb fitting, you can expect many benefits from FOY® Dentures, such as:

  • Highly attractive smile
  • Natural appearance
  • Great comfort
  • Great function
  • Reduction of wrinkles and folds
  • Reduced jowls and turkey neck
  • Improved jaw line

Because of their power to rejuvenate, many compare FOY® Dentures to a facelift, but there are many reasons why they’re better.

Why They Can Be Better Than a Facelift

Many aspects of facial aging are caused by skin and other tissues that hang down off your face or fold in around your mouth. To a plastic surgeon performing a surgical facelift, that is “excess” skin to be cut away, then the remainder is stretched over your facial tissue.

But often this is the wrong approach to a facelift. For many what has happened is that your underlying facial structure has shrunk. With the loss of your teeth and the bone that used to support your teeth, the lower third of your face has grown significantly smaller. No wonder, then, that your skin, muscles, and other tissues, which developed with your teeth, should seem to be in excess. But if you restore the volume lost as teeth and bone, the face resumes its youthful proportions and a great many of the effects of aging are reversed, a facelift effect. And there’s no risk that you will end up with a stretched or windblown appearance as can happen with a surgical facelift.

But how can we determine the proper proportion for your face? Your jaw joint, jawbone, and muscles all developed around your natural teeth. We can read those patterns and make you a denture that fits as if it were your natural teeth.

FOY® Dentures Before and After

The transformations with FOY® Dentures are amazing! Here are just a few examples of previous patients.
great results from dentures
dentures that don't look fake

Partial Dentures

Some patients are missing teeth but aren’t ready for a full set of dentures. Instead, partial dentures are more fitting. Partials replace missing teeth between the original teeth that are still in place in the jaw, either on the upper or lower part. A partial denture is used in order to fill the spaces that exist when teeth are missing. They have proven to be extremely beneficial when it comes to keeping teeth in their proper alignment and position as the placement of a partial denture usually stops any sort of shifting or movement. They are usually removable but are held in place with either metal clasps or “invisible” clasps called precision attachments.

Come to Dr. Dunayer for Dentures!

Do you have missing teeth? Do you want to be able to show off a full smile? Have you found that your missing teeth are causing all sorts of problems such as trouble eating and chewing and a lack of confidence because of your smile? Would you like to learn whether they can give you a nonsurgical facelift?

If so, call the office of Dr. Dunayer to schedule an appointment to see if dentures or partial dentures are suitable for you, and why it is important to invest in quality dentures. Dr. Dunayer is experienced in working with dentures and will be able to decide if they or some other dental procedure, such as dental implants, are most fitting. Setting up an appointment is easy and quick! Request an appointment online now, or just call us at (845) 627-7645. If you have any questions regarding dentures we can answer them.