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Will a New Smile Help You Get More Gigs?

In today’s growing gig economy, each small job is important to total income. Whether you’re hanging shelves for strangers on Taskrabbit, driving them around through Uber, or caring for their pets on DogVacay, the gig economy means that instead of performing one job for a steady paycheck, those smaller gigs have to stack up to […]

Is Mouthwash Good for Oral Health?

If you’ve ever seen a mouthwash ad, you might think one swig of the stuff will leave you with sparkling teeth, minty fresh breath, and people lining up to kiss you. Perhaps you’ve heard that mouthwash is “as easy as rinsing, as effective as flossing,” or “kills germs that cause bad breath,” or that “there’s […]

Enjoy Sports Without Risking Your Oral Health

As the weather warms up and spring gets underway, athletic people everywhere are itching to end the winter hiatus, get back outside, and play some sports. But while physical activity (and some friendly competition!) can be good for you, it’s important to make sure that your athletics aren’t putting your teeth at risk.

Protect Teeth With […]

Getting Dental Crowns Just Got Easier

Chances are you’ve never been excited to go get a dental crown. People don’t generally bounce out of bed in the morning on the day of their dental appointment, eager to get to the office and have that crown applied. And they certainly don’t look forward to the second appointment once they’ve completed the first. […]

4 Ways Smoking Is Hurting Your Oral Health

Did you know that smoking-related healthcare costs the average New York household nearly $1,500 annually in taxes? That’s because just over 14% of New Yorkers are smokers — that’s nearly one million people. The health consequences of smoking are so severe that it causes one in ten deaths globally, according to a recent study.

If you […]

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