Implant Dentistry Rockland CountyImplant dentistry is the science and art of placing dental implants. It interfaces with the cosmetic dentistry techniques of ensuring the most attractive visible restorations and maintaining gum tissue around the dental implant. Implant dentistry has given us the exciting ability to replace lost teeth with attractive, functional, durable restorations.

Most people who have lost teeth can take advantage of implant dentistry to replace them. To learn whether you can benefit from implant dentistry in Rockland County, please call 845-627-7645 today for an appointment with implant dentist Dr. Mark Dunayer at B & D Dental Excellence in West Nyack.

Origins of Implant Dentistry

For over a thousand years, people have been trying to implant replacement teeth into the jaw. However, for most of that time, the results of implant dentistry were unpredictable, often dangerous. That is, until the early 1950s, when Per-Ingvar Brånemark noticed that the titanium implements he was using to monitor blood flow in rabbits were fusing with the bone in the test subjects.

Because of the stigma attached to previous implant dentistry, Dr. Brånemark had difficulty receiving support for his discovery. He conducted numerous experiments on himself and others in his lab to confirm the existence of the phenomenon that he called “osseointegration,“ the fusing of titanium and bone. In 1965, with the support of the US National Institutes of Health (he wouldn’t receive acceptance from his native Sweden for another decade), Dr. Brånemark placed the first four dental implants in the lower jaw of a man with cleft palate, jaw deformity, and no teeth in his lower jaw. This patient used his dental implants for more than forty years before he died.

The second dental implant patient received his implants the next year, and continues to benefit from them.

However, it wasn’t until 1982 that the world’s dentists were exposed to Brånemark’s amazing innovation. After he discussed his discovery and its remarkable results at a conference in Toronto, the world embraced implant dentistry, and by the end of the 1980s, dental implants were approved for use in the US.

Dr. Dunayer’s Implant Dentistry Education

Dr. Dunayer has over 300 hours of advanced training in implant dentistry to insure you will be receiving the latest, most effective treatments. When introduced to implants in 1983, he saw how patients were going to benefit tremendously from this treatment.

Now, with his ability to greatly increase function for patients with restorations that can last 25 years or more, he believes implant treatment is the perfect solution for patients with missing teeth. Furthermore, Dr. Dunayer’s skill in esthetics means he can create implant restorations that mimic the look of a natural tooth.

Dr. Dunayer’s continuing education in advanced implant placement and esthetics includes:

  • Two weekend courses on implants – This advanced training involved 60 hours of hands-on participation and lecture instruction.
  • Rockland Implant Study Group – This involves regular meetings with area dentists interested in improving their knowledge and skill in implant dentistry.
  • Synergy Implant Training: Sponsored By 3I Implants – It is a monthly implant study group. He sees and evaluates 15 patient cases each month – treatment planning them from start to finish – looking at all the different options including esthetics and placement.
  • In 1983 he participated in a six week ‘externship’ in implants at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn. He worked eight and up to 24 hours a day when on call.

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