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Tooth Extraction

Avoiding Tooth Extraction Complications

There are plenty of reasons that you may need to have a tooth or two pulled by a dentist. If a tooth is too damaged to be repaired, or is seriously infected, your dentist may recommend extracting it. Or if you’re having orthodontic work done, such as braces, you may need to remove a [...]

Removing Your Teeth For A Slimmer Face?

This time of year people come out of their winter slump and try to get their bodies ready for the beach. While I am all for people being healthy, there are a number of tricks and scams out there that claim to help you lose weight fast. Not only can these waste of time and [...]

Weird Baby Teeth Extractions Surging in Popularity

Do you remember losing a tooth as a kid? Typically it involved a lot of wiggling, maybe a tiny bit of blood, and of course, there’s the big payoff from the tooth fairy. While I was always pretty conservative in how I wiggled my baby teeth out, I remember some of my friends growing up [...]