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Teeth Whitening

Want White Teeth? Avoid the Charcoal

There are so many brands of charcoal toothpaste, they’re becoming too difficult to keep track of. Take a quick trip on social media and chances are you’ll see them everywhere. In between some memes or pictures of your nephew’s baby will be someone standing in front of a mirror and brushing their teeth with a […]

Tooth-Damaging Trends to Ditch

It’s a brand new year, which for many people means it’s time to make changes for the better. If you need to flesh out your list of resolutions, consider adding a few aimed at your oral health. After all, your oral health is critical to your overall health. And who doesn’t want […]

Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Regularly

If you are serious about protecting your health, then you should be making a point to visit your dentist regularly. It’s a no-brainer, yet the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 38.3% of Americans aged 18-64 have not visited the dentist in the past year.

Most people avoid the dentist for financial reasons, but they do […]

Discolored Teeth Getting You Down?

With summer right around the corner, many people are getting their bodies ready for the beach. While it is great that people are getting into shape, it is important not to forget that your teeth are a major factor into making a good first impression. While it isn’t fair to judge a book by its […]

Four Things Your Discolored Teeth Say About You

Most people put great stock on first impressions, and our smiles have pretty heavy influence on how people perceive us before we even speak. Having white, healthy teeth leaves a great impression, but if you happen to have discolored and stained teeth it could have a big negative impact on that important first […]