Sleep Apnea

Share Our Sleep Apnea Infographic to Spread Awareness

What is our responsibility when there’s a deadly condition and 80-90% of people with it don’t know they have it? It’s our responsibility to try to spread awareness about the condition so people know about it, including how potentially deadly it can be. And that’s why we’re sharing our sleep apnea infographic. [...]

Family Can Be a Secret Weapon in Sleep Apnea Detection

At least 3 million Americans are thought to have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but millions more likely suffer from this life-threatening condition in relative silence because the most obvious symptoms occur during sleep. Sleep Apnea: Family Matters A recent news brief on the journal Sleep Review’s website reminds us that family [...]

This Sleep Habit May Harm Your Teeth

We have all been there before. We wake up from a long night’s sleep and find that our mouth’s insanely dry. Drinking water definitely helps, but there is a lingering bad taste in our mouth that only brushing can get rid of. This is typical of people who breathe through their mouths while sleeping, and [...]

How Your Dentist Can Save You from Dementia

Many people worry that age will take away not just physical strength but mental acuity as well. Dementia can affect up to 14% of people by age 71. Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, affects about 11% of people age 65 and over. If you’re concerned about getting dementia, you should see your [...]

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