Sedation Dentistry

Getting the Jump on Dental Anxiety

Just like many other types of anxiety, dental anxiety isn’t necessarily within your control. Some people simply experience fear and stress around dental procedures, even ones as simple as routine cleanings. Maybe it’s due to bad experiences from the past, or maybe you’re on medication that increases your anxiety. Maybe you’re not [...]

Music Helps Enhance the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

For many people, going to the dentist can incite fear and worry. Thoughts of needles and drilling sounds may cause enough anxiety that they delay important appointments with their dentist. If this sounds like you, then sedation dentistry might be the way to go, and music can help you relax even more. Proven [...]

Could Sedation Dentistry Improve Your Sleep Quality?

Dental anxiety prevents hundreds of people from visiting the dentist each year. Recent research suggests that this fear might do more than keep you out of the chair. Increased dental anxiety might also impact your sleep quality, and inadequate rest might further increase your fear. Sedation dentistry can calm your mind during cleanings [...]

Sedation Dentistry Helps Break Cycle of Dental Fear

Dental fear is unfortunately a self-fulfilling prophecy. Being afraid of the dentist leads people to visit the dentist less often, which leads to the need for more invasive procedures, which leads to more fear. Sedation dentistry helps you overcome your fear and break this damaging cycle. How the Cycle Works There are many [...]

For Sedation Dentistry, Tell Dentist about Sleep Apnea

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way for people who have dental anxiety to overcome their anxiety and get the dental procedures they need or want. However, some people are at risk from medications and doses that are safe for other people. In an editorial in the current issue of the journal [...]

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