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Root Canal

Will a Dental Splint Save a Traumatized Tooth?

If one of your teeth suffers a trauma that causes it to become loose or even come out of the socket, we will often use a dental splint to hold it in place and allow it to heal. If you’re wondering what a dental splint looks like, there are several different types for [...]

What Is Tooth Erosion and Why Do You Have It?

In the US, we are accustomed to think of tooth decay as being the main danger to our teeth. Tooth decay is when oral bacteria generate acid and cause small holes -- cavities -- to appear in our teeth. Tooth erosion is something different, though. Tooth erosion is when your teeth are being worn down [...]

Root Canal Therapy Remains a Good Way to Save a Tooth

Infected teeth are painful and dangerous. The discomfort from an infected tooth can be brutal. It can wake you up, keep you from falling back asleep, and disrupt all your daily activities. It may not respond to pain medication. The pain is a warning that you have a serious infection, one that can kill you [...]

Replacing Restorations More Reliable Than Repairing

There is an increasingly large movement advocating for repairing damaged dental restorations such as tooth-colored fillings rather than replacing them. Advocates say that repairing restorations allows for the use of fewer materials, takes less time, and removes less natural tooth material than replacing the restorations. But there is some question about which approach [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Treat a Toothache

People suffering from toothaches often put off going to the dentist to see if the pain subsides on its own. In some cases, it does, but not always. Damage to our teeth can lead to inflammation of the dental pulp (called pulpitis), causing short-term or long-term pain. Dental pulp is the living soft tissue made [...]