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Reconstructive Dentistry

Katie Price’s Story Confirms the Dangers of Dental Tourism

Dental care, just like any medical care, can get expensive. Depending on your circumstances, your insurance, and your dental needs, some dental visits can definitely take a bite out of your pocketbook. To combat this, some people travel to other countries to seek cheaper care. But is this “dental tourism” smart… or safe? Katie Price’s [...]

3D Printing is Shape of Things to Come in Dental Care

Three-dimensional printing has proven effective for a number of restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures, including the creation of dental models, transparent braces, veneers and dental crowns. Though the applications for 3D printing in dental and other medical fields are growing, the use of 3D printers remains limited due in part to cost. But the [...]

Don’t Go to a Doctor For a Dental Issue

What exactly is the difference between a doctor and a dentist? While dentists have knowledge and education about the whole body, they are only licensed to treat ailments of the face and oral cavity. General physicians, on the other hand, are licensed and educated to treat illness relating to the general health of their patients. [...]

Replacing Restorations More Reliable Than Repairing

There is an increasingly large movement advocating for repairing damaged dental restorations such as tooth-colored fillings rather than replacing them. Advocates say that repairing restorations allows for the use of fewer materials, takes less time, and removes less natural tooth material than replacing the restorations. But there is some question about which approach [...]