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Oral Hygiene

A Healthier Soda for Dental Health: Root Beer

“Healthy” and “soda” are two words rarely found in the same sentence; as are “soda” and “dental health,” at least not in a positive light. We’ve all been told for years that sodas aren’t the best things to consume on a daily basis. Beverages such as soda, and other high sugar drinks, aren’t often considered [...]

How Your Morning Joe (or Tea) Affects Your Teeth

For years, dentists have told you to drink less coffee due to its tooth-staining qualities. However, coffee and tea could actually help prevent gum disease. Additionally, caffeine has other benefits for your overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, drinking tea and coffee stains your tooth enamel, which could require cosmetic dentistry to fix. If you want to remove [...]

The Robots Are Coming…to Clean Your Teeth!

Science fiction and media isn’t hurting for more killer robot stories. They’ve pretty much got those covered. From classics like I, Robot and 2001 Space Odyssey to more modern visions like Ex Machina and Black Mirror, we’ve been fascinated by the possibilities technology allows as well as a little bit frightened. Even Stephen Hawking, before [...]

A New Toothbrush Can Protect You From the Flu, Still Rampant in Rockland County

It’s spring, the trees are blooming, the sun is shining, and the temperatures are rising. The last thing you might be worried about is the flu, a cold-weather battle. But even as late in the season as May, Rockland County Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert warned New York residents that the flu is still [...]

Should Preschool Teachers Help Kids Brush Their Teeth?

If you stick to the recommended twice a day brushing routine when it comes to your oral hygiene, then you brush your teeth 730 times every year. Chances are, most of those 730 toothbrushing efforts took place in your own home. But should kids be brushing their teeth in school? The New York City Board [...]