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Gum Disease

The Signs & Symptoms of Gum Disease

When most Americans consider their smiles, they think about the shade of their teeth. It’s really no big secret: just check your local grocery store. Up and down the aisle of mouth care are dozens of products from mouthwash to toothpaste that contain whitening chemicals like peroxide. While the shade of our teeth is important […]

New Study Shows Alcohol Negatively Affects Oral Bacteria

The holiday months are, for most, a time for family. Gathering at a family member’s home with your famous green bean casserole, beet salad, or pumpkin pie, fighting over who carves the turkey, and trying not to mention politics, is usually par for the course along with some sort of alcoholic beverage. Some prefer craft […]

Is Stress Hurting Your Teeth?

Stress is more than just an inconvenience — it’s a health problem. It can keep you up at night; cause tension and pain in your neck, back, and shoulders; trigger stomach aches and headaches, and if it isn’t handled, can ultimately increase your risk of larger health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart […]

Dental Health and Weight May be Linked in Children

When it comes to childhood obesity in the United States, New York is right in the middle of the pack. Our childhood obesity rate is smack dab in the middle for 2-4 year olds (ranked 26th in the US), and slightly higher for kids over age 10 (ranked 20th).

Childhood obesity can be a curse […]

Diabetic? Your Oral Hygiene Is Extra Important

If you’re diabetic, you have a lot to deal with already. From watching your diet and managing an exercise routine, to keeping insulin levels on track, and even ensuring that you have sufficient blood flow to your feet, it probably seems like there’s enough on a diabetic’s plate. But unfortunately, it’s important to make room […]