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Gum Disease

What’s Lurking in Your Gums?

Did you know that at any given time, there are around 8 billion bacteria living inside your mouth? Dividing into more than 700 species of bacteria, many more being discovered and catalogued every day, these little creatures are your body’s way of outsourcing labor to a contractor that doesn’t need to be paid. Bacteria are [...]

The Signs & Symptoms of Gum Disease

When most Americans consider their smiles, they think about the shade of their teeth. It’s really no big secret: just check your local grocery store. Up and down the aisle of mouth care are dozens of products from mouthwash to toothpaste that contain whitening chemicals like peroxide. While the shade of our teeth is important [...]

New Study Shows Alcohol Negatively Affects Oral Bacteria

The holiday months are, for most, a time for family. Gathering at a family member’s home with your famous green bean casserole, beet salad, or pumpkin pie, fighting over who carves the turkey, and trying not to mention politics, is usually par for the course along with some sort of alcoholic beverage. Some prefer craft [...]