General Dentistry

It’s National Children’s Oral Health Month!

For most people, brushing your teeth is an automatic habit. If you miss your twice-daily regimen for any reason, you may be hyper aware of your teeth feeling grimy, or of bad breath. But children haven’t developed those habits yet, and most kids don’t bat an eye at missing a tooth-brushing session before bedtime. In [...]

The Best in the Business: Why Advanced Technology Matters at the Dentist’s Office

Dentistry is constantly changing. That's why you want a dentist who always looks for new procedures and better equipment. As technology improves, your dental experience becomes easier as well.  Furthermore, a forward-thinking dentist learns the latest treatment methods as soon as possible. This, in turn, ensures that your dental treatment is the [...]

How Your Morning Joe (or Tea) Affects Your Teeth

For years, dentists have told you to drink less coffee due to its tooth-staining qualities. However, coffee and tea could actually help prevent gum disease. Additionally, caffeine has other benefits for your overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, drinking tea and coffee stains your tooth enamel, which could require cosmetic dentistry to fix. If you want to remove [...]

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