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General Dentistry

Is Your Mouthwash Destroying the Wrong Bacteria?

What does your twice daily oral hygiene routine look like? Maybe you floss first, then brush thoroughly, and then finish up with a swig of mouthwash. It’s not surprising that many people like to include mouthwash in their oral hygiene routine. Not only does mouthwash leave your breath fresh and your mouth feeling clean, it’s [...]

Your Teeth Could Predict How Long You’ll Live

It’s easy to think of oral health as a niche area of health, separate from your overall health. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, your oral health is so tightly tied to your overall health that some studies have even found that the health of your teeth can [...]

The Stone Sage: Cavemen Found Alternatives to Brushing Teeth

As long as people have had teeth, we’ve been getting gunk stuck between them. Since objects similar to toothbrushes didn’t emerge until about 3500 B.C., earlier humans had to either ignore pesky food particles or be creative in their removal. A recent archeological finding revealed that prehistoric humans indeed practiced rudimentary

Regular Dental Checkups May Prevent Pneumonia

Regular dental checkups are vital to maintaining good oral health. They allow your dentist to assess your gums, teeth, and bite position; to conduct an extensive teeth-cleaning; and to monitor for other ailments that may begin as dental issues. According to new research, these routine dental visits may also lessen your risk [...]