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General Dentistry

Why Oral Health Is Critical to Overall Health

Many people think that because you go to a doctor for your body and a dentist for your mouth, they think that the two are somehow separate. However, the truth is that your oral health and overall health have a close link. If you don’t maintain good oral health through oral hygiene and regular [...]

A Healthier Soda for Dental Health: Root Beer

“Healthy” and “soda” are two words rarely found in the same sentence; as are “soda” and “dental health,” at least not in a positive light. We’ve all been told for years that sodas aren’t the best things to consume on a daily basis. Beverages such as soda, and other high sugar drinks, aren’t often considered [...]

What Do Bleeding Gums Mean?

So, you looked in the mirror and saw bloody, bright red, or swollen gums. If this scared you, we completely understand. We would become frightened, too! Since you saw those inflamed gums, you must be looking for answers.  Well, we’re here to answer your questions! As restorative dentists, we want to help with any and [...]

It’s National Children’s Oral Health Month!

For most people, brushing your teeth is an automatic habit. If you miss your twice-daily regimen for any reason, you may be hyper aware of your teeth feeling grimy, or of bad breath. But children haven’t developed those habits yet, and most kids don’t bat an eye at missing a tooth-brushing session before bedtime. In [...]