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Sugar Substitutes For Your Mouth and Body

2019 has officially kicked off which means it’s time to stick to those resolutions. Beside hitting the gym at least once a week, perhaps one of popular resolutions is eating less sugar. When considering all the mounds and mounds of research from the last decade, this might not be a bad thing. Gary Taubes, author [...]

New Discovery Confirms Bread Part of Our Ancient Diet

One of the most important things you can do for your oral health is eating a healthy diet. This may even be more important than brushing and flossing, although if you want to be healthy, you shouldn’t choose one or the other--both are necessary! The problem is figuring out what, exactly, is a healthy diet. [...]

How Much Of Your Smile Is Genetic?

You’ve probably heard that you have your mother’s eyes, or your father’s nose, but whose smile do you have? As tempting as it is to attribute a gorgeous smile to your genetics (or blame a flawed one on them!) only some of your oral health is a direct result of your DNA — some of [...]

Trying to Conceive? Look Out for Gum Disease

For women trying to get pregnant, there seem to be a million things to worry about. Are you taking the right vitamins? Are you eating the right foods? Are you working out enough, or too much? It can be difficult to keep up with all the things that can help or hurt a woman’s [...]

D-nied: Vitamin Won’t Restore Teeth Damaged by Decay

The idea that increasing one’s vitamin D intake can turn back tooth decay and regrow portions of teeth damaged by cavities is receiving renewed interest thanks in part to a widely circulated web post by a popular author of alternative-health books. Although vitamin D can’t undo the harm caused by cavities, it is still critical [...]