Dental Implants

Can I Get a Dental Implant If I Lost My Tooth Years Ago?

Many people get dental implants right when they lose their tooth. It can be done during the same procedure as your old tooth was extracted. But what if you don’t get dental implants right away? Can you still get them placed later? Even years later? The answer is: yes. Most people can get dental implants [...]

Why Mouthguards are a Good Idea for Baseball

Mouthguards are a common sight in full contact sports such as football or boxing, but they are a relatively rare sight on the baseball diamond. While baseball is not technically a full contact sport, injuries do happen. How can baseball players benefit from the use of mouthguards? Mouthguards Protect More Than Teeth Have you ever [...]

Why Playing Hockey May Lead You to a Cosmetic Dentist

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in this part of the world, and definitely is towards the top of the list as one of the most violent. So much so, in fact, that hockey players are typically characterized as missing a few teeth here and there, and New York Rangers Team Dentist Will Cheer for a Turnaround Tonight

Are Dentures on the Way Out?

It is clear that, overall, people are taking better care of their teeth, and, as a result, they’re keeping more of them longer. Edentulism (the condition of not having teeth) has been decreasing by 10% every decade, yet it would still be a mistake to assume that complete dentures are going the way [...]

Is Regrowing Lost Teeth on the Horizon?

Can you imagine a world where you do not have to worry about tooth loss? If you lost a tooth another would be ready to grow right in its place. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in partnership with researchers from King's College in London believe they have embarked on the first steps to [...]

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