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Cosmetic Dentistry

3 Ways Your Smile Makes You Look Older Than You Are

When was the last time you were carded at a bar? Maybe it wasn’t too long ago. Perhaps you’re still in that age range when you can keep the bartender on their toes. Before they ask for your ID, they’re likely making snap judgments for your age based on a few obvious factors in appearance […]

What Makes a Scientifically Perfect Smile?

What makes a perfect smile? If you asked that question to ten random people on the street, you’d probably get ten different answers — or at least ten very vague ones. But did you know that scientists have actually researched what makes the most aesthetically pleasing smile?

Science Says This Is the Perfect Smile <a href=[…]

Smile — It Makes Everybody Happy!

We all know that smiling is a natural response to feeling happy. Even blind babies smile — which many take to mean that our smiles are innate responses to emotion, rather than learned gestures. It’s clear that happiness causes smiling, but have you heard that the opposite works, too? Research indicates that smiling can also […]

Katie Price’s Story Confirms the Dangers of Dental Tourism

Dental care, just like any medical care, can get expensive. Depending on your circumstances, your insurance, and your dental needs, some dental visits can definitely take a bite out of your pocketbook. To combat this, some people travel to other countries to seek cheaper care. But is this “dental tourism” smart… or safe?

Dental <a href=[…]

Is Your Smile Helping Or Hurting Your Career?

When it comes to your career, you probably take things very seriously. Everything from how you word your emails to how you address your boss to what you wear into the office each day can impact the trajectory of your career, which means most people think about all of those things carefully.

But there could be […]