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New Study Shows Alcohol Negatively Affects Oral Bacteria

The holiday months are, for most, a time for family. Gathering at a family member’s home with your famous green bean casserole, beet salad, or pumpkin pie, fighting over who carves the turkey, and trying not to mention politics, is usually par for the course along with some sort of alcoholic beverage. Some prefer craft […]

New Discovery Confirms Bread Part of Our Ancient Diet

One of the most important things you can do for your oral health is eating a healthy diet. This may even be more important than brushing and flossing, although if you want to be healthy, you shouldn’t choose one or the other–both are necessary!

The problem is figuring out what, exactly, is a healthy diet. Paleo […]

Red Wine: Good or Bad For Teeth?

You’ve probably heard that red wine, in moderation at least, is good for the heart. But when you have a glass of red wine in the evening after dinner, or sip a glass over conversation with friends, you probably aren’t thinking much about the health benefits of the drink. It’s even less likely for you […]

How Much Of Your Smile Is Genetic?

You’ve probably heard that you have your mother’s eyes, or your father’s nose, but whose smile do you have? As tempting as it is to attribute a gorgeous smile to your genetics (or blame a flawed one on them!) only some of your oral health is a direct result of your DNA — some of […]

Should You Avoid Chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may be thinking of getting your Valentine the tried-and-true present of a box of chocolates. But if you care about your Valentine’s dental health, you may be questioning whether or not a box of chocolates is a good choice. So what’s the ideal Valentine?

Don't Give Chocolate to <a href=[…]