Tooth loss and dentures have a stigma that associates them with advanced age, but elderly people are not the only ones who benefit from dentures. George Washington began losing his teeth in his 20s as a result of illness, low nutrition, and poor dental hygiene. People today generally have access to better nutrition and dental care. Despite modern medicine, however, some people still lose their teeth early, or suffer from such bad teeth that dentures might offer a better alternative.

Destigmatizing Dentures

In order to avoid the stigma, many young people who need dentures avoid the procedure for as long as possible. They feel embarrassed that they need false teeth at their age, and do not want other people to find out. Removing the stigma attached to dentures can help you feel more comfortable with having dentures when you are young.

Some young people need dentures to correct extremely bad teeth that cosmetic dentistry would not effectively fix. These extreme cases usually come as a result of years of neglect, often starting in childhood. People growing up in poor households often do not receive regular dental care in their youth, causing snowballing dental problems that might leave them needing dentures by their 20s. Teeth also pay the price when you do not have regular dental insurance. We recommend having your bad teeth tended to as soon as possible to prevent gum disease, bone damage, and the development of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) as a result of a bad bite.

In other cases, people might lose or badly damage their teeth to physical trauma. Vehicle crashes are one of the most common forms of trauma that cause young people to need dentures. Other trauma might include sports injury, hitting your face against something when you trip, or physical abuse. Even though physical trauma is generally out of your control, you might find yourself feeling embarrassed to smile afterward, afraid that people will judge you based on how your teeth look. Dentures can restore your smile and your self-confidence.

Your Smile Matters

Your teeth play a large role in the way other people perceive you. In both professional situations and social, bad teeth can make people feel that you are unintelligent or unkind. If you avoid smiling so that people do not see your teeth, people might see you as being uninviting and believe that you lack self-confidence. Dentures will help you reclaim your smile and your confidence.

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