Dental implants have been in use for more than 50 years, and in widespread use for more than 30. Over time, it’s inevitable that dental implants would go from an experimental procedure into a market-based commodity. But with this change, there are many ways that the changing market could affect your procedure. But will the changes be for the worse, or the better?

Will Increasing Demand Raise Prices?

There’s no secret that dental implant demand just keeps increasing. Global demand for dental implants is increasing so much that the market is expected to approach a total value of $8 billion by 2020. With this steadily increasing demand, are we likely to see higher prices on dental implants?

Although increased demand could drive prices higher, there are other factors that might overwhelm the demand force, leading to steady or even reduced prices. Europe is currently the largest market for dental implants, but with their economy stalled, it’s likely to experience the slowest growth among markets. Instead, growth in China and India might dominate increases, and the expansion of these relatively low-cost markets might result in lower domestic costs.

And, although the dental implant market is currently in a consolidation phase (see below), there are still a number of local companies that are seeking to go global, and when they do they may try to undercut the prices of established players to get access to markets. This could result in reduced prices.

Will Consolidation Eliminate Choices?

As demand for dental implants rose, we saw many companies enter the sector, offering different technologies and options. However, in recent years the dental implant industry has hit a consolidation phase, with larger companies aggressively acquiring smaller competitors. Some have expressed concern that as the competition disappears, so will choices about certain dental implant technologies.

So far, though, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, as dental implant manufacturers acquire their smaller competitors, they seem to be preserving the innovations of the smaller company, incorporating them into their larger lines. As a result, we may see even better implants in the near future.

It’s also worth noting that there are currently over a thousand different options when it comes to dental implant styles, with such minute variations as the shape of the thread on the screw. Many of these variations have never been proven to provide an improved treatment result. Perhaps some consolidation and elimination of some of the less important choices might be good for us all.

How to Avoid Uncertainty

We have to note that although we see some potentially positive developments in dental implants in the near future, there’s really no way to know what we’re facing in terms of how the dental implant market will develop five, ten, or fifteen years from now. We can’t even reliably predict what to expect next year.

The only way to eliminate uncertainty about your dental implants is to get them now, rather than wait to see what happens. If you’re ready to get your dental implants, please call 845-627-7645 for an appointment with a Rockland County cosmetic dentist at B & D Dental Excellence.