Americans want white smiles that attract attention for the right reasons; however, a lot of people have yellow smiles which make them want to hide their teeth. To promote cleaner, brighter looking teeth, numerous consumers invest in over-the-counter tooth-whitening products which make bold guarantees. Unfortunately, new research indicates that many of these popular products don’t meet expectations.

Adverse Effects

A nonprofit organization recently reviewed over 400 studies which put at-home tooth-whitening products to the test. After looking at each study, the organization ultimately singled out 25 which lived up to its strict standards. In the end, these studies showed that at-home products offered varying results. More importantly, they all caused tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation in numerous users.

Safer and More Effective

Despite what product manufacturers say, you aren’t likely to attain noticeably whiter teeth by using at-home whitening products which provide very limited results. More importantly, when you use them by yourself, these products could cause problems such as tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation.

Contrarily, when you visit an experienced cosmetic dentist for professional whitening treatments, you will attain noticeably brighter teeth that will make you proud of your smile. Even more importantly, when whitening solutions are professionally applied, they are much less likely to cause any sort of irritation.

Get the Look You Want

In a perfect world, people wouldn’t judge others based on the color of their teeth. In the real world, however, most people equate yellow teeth with unattractive qualities such as poor hygiene. If you dislike the color of your smile, Dr. Dunayer can help. Contact his office to find out how professional whitening treatments can provide you with whiter teeth that will attract positive attention.