Although they are effective for patients who are able to tolerate them, CPAP machines have rightly earned a reputation for being just about as disruptive as the sleep disorder they aim to treat.

Recently, a mail-order business has aired television commercials promoting a membership plan that will supposedly send customers new, flexible CPAP masks at the beginning of every month. According to the commercials, the masks are able to quiet unwanted snorting and squealing sounds, because they fit much better than ordinary masks.

How effective can they be?

Let’s face it: since these mail-order CPAP masks aren’t custom-fitted to each patient’s face, they aren’t likely to have much impact on the annoying noises associated with CPAP-use. Additionally, even if the company could custom-fit their masks, the products wouldn’t be much help to patient’s who can’t tolerate CPAP due to claustrophobia and/or pressure sores.

Though CPAP offers help to some, more than a few patients simply cannot tolerate it. For a sleep apnea treatment that won’t force you to cope with pressure sores, annoying sounds and the sense of feeling trapped; Contact Our Rockland County Dental Office today. Dr. Dunayer works with every patient when treating sleep apnea, and this one-on-one attention helps him customize a plan that fits each individual’s needs.

If you’re coping with sleep apnea, you won’t get answers from a mail-order membership plan. Get customized treatment from Dr. Dunayer.