Now that the Democratic and Republican national conventions have ended, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are preparing their last efforts to capture the minds and hearts of U.S. voters. Right now, the two candidates are visiting city after city, giving speeches and shaking hands; however, according to new research, they might be better served improving the appearance of their teeth.

Voters Want White Teeth

A new study indicates that voters may care more about a president’s teeth than his policies. Carried out by Luster Premium White, which sells several different kinds of teeth whitening products, the research found that, since 1992, the victor in each presidential election has had whiter teeth than did his opponent.

A White Smile Makes a Big Difference

Although this research probably won’t cause candidates to stop paying millions for TV advertisements in favor of cosmetic whitening procedures; it does prove that bright, vibrant smiles have serious power. Other studies have demonstrated that people who have white smiles typically have a much easier time getting dates and quality jobs. They also tend to be more confident and less introverted.

Although ordinary whitening products can make teeth a little brighter, they don’t come close to providing the same amazing results as professional tooth whitening treatments offered by an experienced cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Dunayer. Contact his office to find out how you can get a brighter, more beautiful smile.