It’s safe to say that cosmetic dentistry in today’s world is much more advanced and precise when compared to the procedures offered 10 years ago. Dentistry continues to grow and advance, and new technologies are continuously created and perfected. Dentists now have access to top of the line technologies that make fixing and improving the smile quick, easy, and much more beautiful than ever. Progress is a good thing, right? Some may say that, in the case of teeth tattoos, advancements in the dental world may have gone a bit too far.

While they most definitely aren’t a routine cosmetic dentistry procedure, Dr. Neil Gerrard, practicing at the Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol, offers patients the opportunity to have semi-permanent tattoos placed on their teeth. Baz Franks, a patient of Dr. Gerrard, opted to have the royal couple, William and Kate, tattooed onto his teeth. Known as “gnasher tats,” these designs are hand-painted and while they are not fully permanent, they do take a lot of teeth brushing to completely remove. In fact the tattoos can last for up to 3 months!

While teeth tattoos may not be the dental procedure you need in order to improve your smile, and Dr. Dunayer doesn’t offer teeth tattoos, patients should be aware that our Rockland County dental practice offers all sorts of cosmetic dentistry procedures that have proven to be able to restore the smile to one that is straight, shiny, and beautiful inside and out. From in-office teeth whitening to dental veneers, tooth crowns, and clear braces, Dr. Dunayer is sure to offer the cosmetic dentistry procedure you need to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. For a cosmetic dentistry consultation, call our office to schedule an appointment.