The SomnoDent sleep apnea treatment appliance from SomnoMedThe technological advancements in the dental world continue to grow. From technology-based equipment to newer, more reliable tools, positive advancements are always being made. When it comes to sleep apnea, most people simply think of CPAP as the means to treating the condition. While CPAP is considered by the medical community to be the gold-standard treatment for sleep apnea, dentists and sleep physicians alike have found that not all sleep apneics are capable of properly using CPAP. Simply put, some patients are CPAP-intolerant for one reason or another, and using the machine isn’t the best or safest option because they simply won’t use it 100% of the time they should.

Because of this, alternative treatment options have continued to grow. Take for instance the SomnoDent, an oral appliance created by SomnoMed, a company that specializes in a variety of dental appliances. Recently the company was awarded with the Pride Institute’s 2011 “Best of Class” Technology Award. This award is given to recognize those dental advancements that have proven to be new concepts that are sure to change the face of the dental world.

CPAP Intolerance Isn’t The End!

Don’t let CPAP intolerance halt your effort to treat your sleep apnea. According to SomnoMed, over 70,000 people use oral appliances, further proving that oral appliance therapy works just as well as CPAP does.

If you are CPAP-intolerant or want to learn more about oral appliances such as SomnoDent, contact Dr. Dunayer’s office today. During your sleep apnea consultation Dr. Dunayer will be able to find the best sleep apnea treatment so that sleep becomes much less dangerous and a lot less enjoyable. Contact us today to get started!