Study after study has shown that smoking is not only an expensive habit; it is also costly for our health. Smokers have an increased risk of suffering from poor respiratory health, oral cancers, and even poor dental health due to the increased likelihood of tooth erosion, gum disease, and possibly tooth-loss. As studies continue to be conducted, more research shows just how harmful smoking really is; especially to our oral and dental health.

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) surveyed more than 16,000 people between the ages of 18-64. Out of these 16,000+ people, a third of all reported smokers suffered a higher amount of dental problems, which included toothaches, jaw pain, tooth discoloration, and even infected gums. Since smokers have a higher chance of suffering from oral and dental infections, one would assume that a smoker would get regular dental checkups; however, the same study disproved this thought.

Smokers More Likely to Neglect Dental and Oral Health

Out of the subjects who reported to be smokers, 20 percent admitted to not having gone to the dentist in five or more years. Out of the non-smoking and former smokers group, only 10 percent admitted to not having gone to the dentist in the same time frame. While not going to the dentist for five years is detrimental to anyone’s dental and oral health; smokers put themselves at an even higher risk.

In the case of smokers, many stated that they couldn’t afford a trip to the dentist, let alone the costs that may be accrued with any treatment that may be required. These reports are no surprise; as studies have also found that those with low income are more likely to be smokers. Though smokers are probably well aware of their dental health problems and risks, many decide to spend their money supporting their bad habits, as opposed to visiting a reputable dentist who can help prevent and treat oral and dental problems.

Everyone Needs a Dentist

In the end, smoker or non-smoker, everyone is at risk of dental and oral health problems without proper treatment, advice, and information from an experienced dentist. To ensure that you have a healthy smile both inside and out – one that not only looks good but feels good – contact Dr. Dunayer’s office today!