With the holiday season right around the corner, people’s minds turn to turkey, family, and shopping. Shoppers spend an estimated $45 billion on Black Friday alone. If you own a small business, you may be wondering how you can compete with big box stores like Walmart or Best Buy. You may be surprised to learn that it all starts with a smile.

Just as a smile can be revolutionary, a smile can also be disruptive in the Christensen sense. When you look at some of the leading disruptors in industry, it’s no accident that they’re smiling. They’re not just grinning because they’re winning, they’re winning because they’re grinning!

Shoppers Like Smiling Faces

Frowning employees tend to scare off potential customers, but how exactly can you ensure that your employees are happy at work? Happiness in the workplace depends on a culture of commitment to your employees, their wellbeing, and their success.

  1. Little Things

A healthy workplace culture goes a long way to make your employees happy. The little things are important, like complimenting someone on their work. (Make it a regular thing!)

  1. Wiggle Room

Let your employees try something new without you constantly looking over their shoulder. If they feel like they have some room to grow then they are more likely to enjoy coming in every day.

  1. The Right Fit

Make sure that the employees that you hire are a good fit for the work culture that you are cultivating in addition to considering things like education and prior work experience.

  1. Give Back

It is important to give back to the community that supports you and your employees. Make sure that this is not just a publicity stunt. Everyone will feel good knowing that they are doing good.

  1. Culture and Profitability

If you find that there are some employees that are taking advantage of the workplace culture to slack off, then do not be afraid to let them go. If other employees are having to pick up the slack for someone then it will drag the whole workplace down. What is supposed to be a fun workplace will turn into a grind.

  1. Lead by Example

There is nothing so contagious as a smile. When you smile at your employees, they’re more likely to smile back at you, and pass that smile on to your customers. If you find that you’re more apt to want to keep your mouth closed because you’re uncomfortable with your smile, maybe cosmetic dentistry might be a good business investment.

What do you think of our list? Is there anything important that you feel that we missed? We would love to know what you think about it, or what you are smiling about this holiday season.

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