dreamstime_xs_12315008Some people are reluctant to get a smile makeover because they think that it will turn their smile into a generic, fake one. Like a facelift, they’re concerned that it will change their appearance in the name of making it more attractive but will really just make it artificial.

However, this isn’t true. In fact, a smile makeover can be done so that it will keep all the things you like about your smile but get rid of the things you don’t. Your smile can retain its individual personality so that you will still look like you–just better.

A Smile Makeover Can Be Just as Much or as Little as You Want

A smile makeover doesn’t have to be a complete revision of your smile. Instead, it can be used to target specific problems about your smile, such as fixing a chipped tooth with a porcelain veneer or reversing the damage of smoking.

Crooked teeth can be straightened using Invisalign, but if you are happy with your gap-toothed smile but don’t like some of the crowding or rotated teeth at the sides of your mouth, we can fix them while maintaining your gap.

Your Dentist Makes a Difference

In smile makeovers, your dentist is the single biggest factor in the quality and type of results you get. That’s why you need to select your dentist with care, and find someone with good talent who can give results that maintain the individual character of the smile. When looking at a dentist’s before and after pictures, compare the after results to one another. Make sure they don’t all look the same, but have individual personality.

It’s also important to make sure that the dentist is really listening to what you want your smile to look like. When you tell a dentist what you want, ask them to explain how they will achieve it and listen to what they say to make sure they’re hearing what you’re saying and are going to give you the smile makeover you want and not just the one they think looks good.

You Are in Control

At B & D Dental Excellence, we put our skill, education, and experience at your service. You tell us what you want, and we will give it to you. We won’t pressure you to get more than you feel comfortable with or try to impose procedures on you that you’re not comfortable with.

To tell us about the smile makeover you desire, please call (845) 627-7645 for an appointment with a Rockland County cosmetic dentist.