Years ago, it was easy to identify anyone who’d received restorative dental work, thanks to those noticeable silver-colored fillings. Over the years, however, mercury-based amalgam has become less popular, due to worries about environmental pollution, aesthetics and health.

Nowadays, the modern cosmetic dentist relies on modern, metal-free materials to fill cavities; however, countless people still flaunt silver-colored smiles, thanks to past procedures. Unfortunately, these fillings are less than ideal for several reasons. For one, they tend to promote cracking. They also grow darker over time, and – perhaps most worrisome – they may have the potential to impact our health.

A Reason to Worry?

Because mercury is a highly toxic substance, even a small amount has the potential to cause damage to the kidneys, brain and lungs. Medical experts have expressed concern that these fillings may be a big source of mercury exposure in humans. That said, much of the public remains unaware of this concern; a 2006 survey found that approximately 75 percent of U.S. adults have no idea that their silver-colored fillings contain any mercury.

Scientists have been analyzing the potential health impact of amalgam fillings for decades. Researchers have found that people with metallic fillings tend to show evidence of mercury build-up inside their urine and internal organs. These types of studies have motivated many people to swap out their existing metallic fillings in favor of more modern natural-looking fillings made from porcelain or composite resin.

Smart for Several Reasons

If you are concerned about the potential negative health risks linked to mercury-based fillings, now is the perfect time to upgrade to safe, natural-looking replacements. Porcelain or composite fillings aren’t just mercury-free alternatives to traditional metallic fillings; they are stronger and much more attractive.

Whether you are concerned that your metallic fillings could impact your health or just dislike the way they look inside your mouth; tooth-colored fillings are the way to go. Contact Our Rockland County Dental Office today to learn more.

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