TMJ disorder can make life unbearable by causing headaches, tinnitus, chewing difficulties and pain. To cope, many sufferers take pain-relieving drugs which only provide short stints of relief, while also bringing long-term health risks. Desperate for non-medicinal remedies, some people are ready to give anything a try; and numerous entrepreneurs are eager to make a profit by taking advantage.

Fool’s Gold

A large number of profiteers offer quick fixes to TMD sufferers. While some market pills or drops as cures for temporomandibular joint disorder; others offer dubious recommendations and advice. Recently, author Sandra Carter issued a promotional press release marketing her self-help book, which supposedly contains information that can help readers escape their debilitating TMD symptoms. Titled, TMJ No More, the book provides exercises and dietary recommendations which are supposed to relieve TMD within a single day.

Unrealistic Promises

TMJ disorder is not a minor problem that will dissipate after reading a book, and even exercises and dietary changes aren’t going to correct true TMJ disorder. It’s a chronic disorder that has a root physical cause. To get actual, permanent relief from TMJ disorder, sufferers need a real treatment that will target the problem at its source: a misaligned bite. Dietary changes and exercises aren’t going to offer much help, because they cannot target the source of the condition.

Avoid Gimmicks

If you have temporomandibular joint disorder, you’re not going to get help from gimmicks and fad products which make ridiculous, unrealistic claims. Contrarily, Dr. Dunayer offers his patients real, lasting relief from TMJ disorder by correcting their misaligned bites.

Books, supplements and other gimmicks aren’t really meant to relieve TMJ disorder; they’re meant to make money off of people’s misfortune. Don’t fall into the trap. Contact Dr. Dunayer for an effective TMD treatment plan that really works.