Whenever you need directions, you either consult a map or a GPS system. When you need to find the latest fashion tips, you read magazines and online blogs. When you need medical attention regarding a problem you are experiencing with a tooth, it’s only common sense to speak to a dentist, right?

Though dentists have been the go-to source for tooth and oral health related problems for decades; nowadays, patients requiring dental information and advice may bypass the dentist and trust an online source, such as e-Toothache Remedies, a website aimed at providing at home, cost-effective remedies for people suffering from toothaches.

While self-help is undoubtedly cheaper and quicker than making a visit to the dentist’s office, information obtained from home remedy sites may be more counterproductive than they are beneficial. Though the information provided may seem to be legitimate and helpful, Internet users should always be aware of the source of the information. In the case of e-Toothache Remedies, it seems that the information isn’t posted or moderated by someone who has experience in a medical or dental field.

In fact, a little research into the website shows that it is owned by a random web-developer, who, more than likely, knows nothing about treating toothaches and other dental problems. This means that the information could be potentially harmful to your overall health, as well as the health of your teeth. While users are visiting the site, the owner is enjoying the money that he receives from Google Adsense and other click-through ad programs.

When you have problems with your teeth, the best and safest solution is a trip to the dentist. Routine visits with Dr. Dunayer’s dental office will help ensure that your mouth is problem-free. If any problems do exist, Dr. Dunayer will provide the right treatment method in a safe, comfortable setting. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.