We all have goals and aspirations; however, in the end, no matter what we aspire to achieve during our lifetimes, we ultimately want to be happy. Sadly, many people struggle to maintain a happy outlook even when their finances are solid and their families are strong. Now, new research appears to shed light on why so many people struggle with depression and unhappiness.

The Key to Positivity

A study out of Cornell University suggests that sleep plays a fundamental role in promoting happy, positive thoughts. Published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, the research involved 100 middle-aged subjects from various walks of life. After interviewing each participant and evaluating his or her sleeping habits, the researchers found a strong correlation between positive, happy outlooks and better sleeping habits. In fact, the association was so strong, it didn’t seem to matter whether the subjects were enduring hardships; in the end, when participants slept better, they were happier and more stable.

Is Sleep Apnea Destroying Your Life?

Because it causes breathing problems that promote frequent waking, sleep apnea makes it impossible for sufferers to get the seven to nine hours of daily recommended sleep. Unfortunately, this continues lack of sleep can promote depression, anxiety and a general sense of angst. What’s more, studies have tied insufficient sleep to some scary medical problems, including cancer, dementia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

There Is a Way Out

In truth, there’s no reason for anyone to endure sleepless nights associated with sleep apnea. Dr. Dunayer offers his patients permanent relief from this debilitating, dangerous disorder by providing oral sleep appliances, which promote clear breathing all night long.

We only get one life. If sleep apnea is ruining yours; it’s time to get happy. Contact Dr. Dunayer to learn about a simple treatment that will allow you to sleep well each and every night.