Michael Strahan has said that he wants his bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame to be different from the others: he wants it to show off his distinctive gap-toothed smile. Not only is he proud of how it looks, he thinks a smile makes for a more intimidating appearance.

A Hard-Hitting Player

Michael Strahan played for the New York Giants for his entire career, spanning from 1993-2007, and through his entire career, he remained a factor that helped the Giants to become a fearsome opponent.

In 2001, he broke the single-season sack record with an easy sack of Brett Favre. Although some have accused Favre of taking a dive, it’s more likely that it just seemed easy because Strahan and the rest of the Giants defense were able to effectively exploit a broken play by the Packers.

Although Strahan considered retiring after the 2006 season, which ended early for him because of an injury, he decided to return for one final season in 2007, though he entered after the preseason.

It turns out this was a good call, because 2007 was to be the New York Giants’ year. After a moderate 10-6 regular season record that forced them into a Wild Card game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Giants bested all comers in the NFC, including divisional rival the Dallas Cowboys, and a white-knuckle overtime victory over the Packers.

Strahan played an important role in their defensive stand in the Super Bowl to defeat the 18-0 New England Patriots, in what is considered one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. Strahan had two tackles and a sack in the 17-14 victory.

When Strahan retired he had accumulated 141.5 career sacks, 854 career tackles, 4 career interceptions, 24 forced fumbles and 3 career touchdowns in 200 games over a 15 year career, making him the leader for sacks on the New York Giants, with the possible exception of Lawrence Taylor, who would have 142 sacks if we include the likely 9.5 sacks he had in the year before this became an official statistic.

Despite his impressive record, Strahan was denied entry into the Hall of Fame during his first year of eligibility, 2013. However, when he won his rightful place in 2014, the NFL dedicated the XLVIII Super Bowl, played in East Rutherford, New Jersey,  to him.

One May Smile and Be a Villain

Strahan has embraced his smile as an essential part of his character, not just as a talk show host, but as a defensive player.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he revealed his desire to have a smiling bust, Strahan revealed that although he had begun trying to have a scowling face to appear tough during his early career, he later on came to think that his distinctive smile actually made him look more fearsome.

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