For many people, going to the dentist can incite fear and worry. Thoughts of needles and drilling sounds may cause enough anxiety that they delay important appointments with their dentist. If this sounds like you, then sedation dentistry might be the way to go, and music can help you relax even more.

Proven Benefits

Recent research has shown increased benefits of having music playing while under sedation, and the improved rates of healing post-procedure as a result of listening to favorite tunes. Findings report that patients who listened to music before, during, or after an invasive procedure such as surgery had reduced pain and less need for medication, and better recovery outcomes due to less anxiety. Effects were noted to last more than four hours post-procedure, and they were greater for patients who ‘grooved out’ beforehand. These results were not seen in patients who had no music or listened to white noise instead.

Research also indicated that the benefits existed regardless of the type of music played, or whether the tracks were selected by a trained music therapist or by the patients themselves.

The more startling finding is that music proved effective even when the patient was under general anesthesia. It is not clear just how exactly music helps these patients, but it is clear that it reduces their stress response and at the very least provides a welcomed distraction.

How Does Music Help in Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the practice of helping you be calm for your appointment by administering an anti-anxiety medication, prior to a dental procedure. Oral medications are an easy way to help you feel comfortable for simple procedures such as routine dental visits or more complicated procedures such as dental implants that might require repeat visits. Another benefit of sedation dentistry is the time distortion that a patient experiences. Lengthy procedures that take an hour to perform will seem to last only a few minute for you, and as such, which means you can get multiple procedures performed at once.

When you add the power of music to sedation dentistry, the benefits are clear. The addition of music helps you to regain confidence in scheduling further visits to the dentist, eventually promoting a healthy routine of proper oral health practices that will benefit you in the long run. Taking care of your teeth should not be a fearful or painful experience. Consult with Dr. Mark Dunayer at 

(845) 627-7645 about oral sedation in Rockland County and the benefits of music for your treatment plan. With sedation dentistry and your favorite playlist in hand, you are assured of an anxiety-free experience that will transform the way you think about dentistry.