Photo of a beautiful young woman smilingWe know that right now there’s nothing you seem to have less of than time (unless it’s money), but it’s still important to make a time commitment for dentistry to make sure you’re maintaining your oral health. You may not want to schedule an appointment right now, but it’s important that you call in and make sure you’ve got an appointment lined up, whether it’s a routine checkup and hygiene visit or a consultation about cosmetic dentistry.

Unless you commit to getting the dental treatment you need, you will never have the results you desire.

Always Keep Your Dental Appointments

Once you make a dental appointment, you need to commit yourself to actually keeping the appointment. Missing a dental appointment hurts you more than anyone. Most dental conditions are progressive, and missing a dental appointment increases the risk that you will find yourself needing emergency dental care. A dental emergency typically means more pain, more expense, and, often, worse results.

Keeping your dental appointment also shows respect for your dentist. Your dentist is a highly-trained professional who is in demand, often by more people than he can fit in. When you don’t keep your appointment, you are not only hurting the dentist, you are hurting other patients, who may have wanted the spot you had.

Remember That Some Procedures Take More Than One Visit

When you are planning your dental treatment, remember that you may have to come back several times to get optimal results.

Although our CEREC system allows us to make dental crowns and tooth-colored fillings while you wait, for some procedures we still have to send away to a lab to get restorations made, such as in the case of a set of porcelain veneers, which could be made using CEREC, but would take too long.

Dental implants are another procedure that we can’t complete in just one visit. The dental implant surgery may be completed right away, but the final restoration may take months before it’s complete. That’s because we may have to give time for the dental implant to integrate into your jawbone before we can place the final restoration. However, we will evaluate your implant at the moment we place just in case it’s stable enough to receive a dental crown.

Return on Your Time Investment

If you do it right, making a time commitment to dentistry can actually end up saving you time (and money). For example, it might seem like making your regular hygiene visits is just time lost, but it’s not. It’s time invested. Making regular oral hygiene visits reduces the risk that you will end up needing a filling, gum disease treatment, or even root canal therapy. That’s time saved. More hygiene visits also means less risk that you’ll be heading to the emergency room with a dental problem. That’s time saved–and money.

Finally, often the more time-intensive treatment option today could save you time in the long-run. For example, porcelain veneers might seem like they take more time because they require two dental visits, but the truth is that they may save you time because they last three or four times as long.

When you are a patient at B & D Dental Excellence in West Nyack, we promise to do our utmost to respect and protect your time. If you would like to learn more about what makes us special, please  call (845) 627-7645 for an appointment with a Rockland County dentist today.