According to a recent study conducted by researchers of Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, laughter can relieve anxiety and fear in many situations, including a trip to the dentist.

Do you have an irrational fear of dentists? You are not alone. It has been determined that almost half the world’s adult population today has some kind of fear about seeing the dentist; and the numbers are even higher in children. This could have come from a terrible dental experience, or could be fear encouraged by rumors and horror films. Unfortunately, this dental fear could develop into a full blown phobia that may keep people from ever seeing their dentist, leading to poor dental and oral health due to the absence of professional dental care and maintenance.

Recently, researchers conducted two surveys in the hope of finding some methods to help patients overcome their dental fears. In one of the two studies conducted, strategies such as optimism, self-distraction, distancing and prayer were found to assist in lessening and possibly eliminating fear of dentists and dental procedures.

Dentists Can Help You Overcome Your Fears As Well

While patients can exercise the strategies that work best for them in alleviating dental fears, dentists can also lend a hand. Researchers found through the second study that patients whose dentists were humorous and laughed along with them were less prone to fear and anxiety about a dental procedure. This is not surprising; as laughter and humor are proven tools that can help people break through psychological barriers to promote a more comfortable and relaxing environment free of fear.

At Dr. Dunayer’s dental office, we strive to provide a more relaxed and comfortable environment for each and every patient. Whether you are visiting for a routine cleaning or are receiving new Invisalign braces, our main goal is to set you at ease and make you feel comfortable and fear-free. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dunayer, call or email our dental office today.