If you feel self-conscious or embarrassed about your crooked or gapped teeth, you are not alone. Many people worry about their self image, including the look of their teeth. They might seek cosmetic dental treatment to correct their bites and jagged teeth or they might simply cover their teeth with their lips while talking to someone new. Unfortunately, people have been known to form opinions based on appearances, allowing their preconceptions to affect the outcome of a first date or a job interview, among other social situations.

A recent perception study conducted by Kelton of Invisalign found that smiles and teeth are a focal point of interest for those who are meeting new people. In its study, Kelton examined the reactions and assumptions gained from first impressions and found that those with nicer teeth alignment are perceived as intelligent, successful, popular and as having good general health.

Teeth Alignment Affect Job Interviews and First Dates

The recent perception study led by Kelton Research has explored those judgements that people gain during first impressions, and whether crooked teeth can negatively affect an individual’s social life. The study found that those with straighter teeth are assumed to be successful and generally leave a better lasting impression than those who have crooked or jagged teeth. People who had straighter teeth were also found to be 57 percent more likely to land a first date on a dating website using their picture alone than those without.

Unfortunately, these days people are easy to judge people based on the way they look rather than by their personality. If you have crooked, jagged or gapped teeth and are looking for a cosmetic dentistry option that will work for you, such as clear braces (Invisalign), contact Dr. Dunayer at his dental office today for a consultation.