When it comes to your career, you probably take things very seriously. Everything from how you word your emails to how you address your boss to what you wear into the office each day can impact the trajectory of your career, which means most people think about all of those things carefully.

But there could be something impacting your career that you haven’t thought of: Your smile. The question is, is your smile helping your career, or hurting it? And what can you do about it?

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What Your Smile Says about You

You’ve probably heard that a white, straight smile makes people perceive you as more attractive — but did you know that it also affects whether people see you as trustworthy, financially successful, and professionally capable? This can make a huge difference in everything from a job interview to your likelihood of being promoted.

It can even affect your salary: Studies have shown that men who are viewed as attractive make 4% more than their intellectually equivalent, average-looking counterparts. Attractive students are seen as smarter than ugly ones, and attractive loan applicants receive more money.

If you’re happy with your smile, this could all be very good news. But if your smile is subpar, it might also be impacting your professional success.

Get a Business-Ready Smile

If you realized that a lack of training in a certain area was preventing you from growing in your career, you would probably pursue training. If you found out that wearing a certain color in interviews made you less likely to be hired, you would probably avoid wearing that color. But what can you do if your smile is holding you back professionally?

Cosmetic dentistry may seem out of reach to the average person, something that only celebrities and wealthy people pursue. But actually, modern dental technology has put cosmetic procedures firmly within the realm of possibility for many people now. You don’t have to be headed for the big screen for a smile makeover to be within reach!

If your smile is near perfect, maybe all you need is a quick whitening procedure, or to replace an old, unsightly filling with a natural, tooth-colored one. A little improvement like that may not land you the job of CEO tomorrow, but sometimes a small change is enough to take your smile from average to stunning.

But if your smile needs a more extensive update, don’t worry. There are plenty of reliable options to correct some of the biggest cosmetic dental concerns. Missing a tooth or two? Dental implants don’t just make your smile whole again, they can even stimulate the jaw bone and prevent further tooth loss. Have a mouth full of crooked teeth? Invisalign is effective and fast, plus it’s a subtle treatment that won’t be embarrassing to wear to work. And if your smile really needs a big rebrand, porcelain veneers can fix practically anything wrong with a tooth, leaving you with a beautiful, natural-looking new grin.

Don’t let a problem smile get in the way of your career. Call (845) 627-7645 or contact us online to make an appointment with an experienced cosmetic dentist right here in Rockland County.