Many people look at going to the dentist for a checkup in the wrong way. They think of it as an expense, when it’s actually an investment. Not only that: it’s one of the best investments you can make. Here’re some of the ways that your oral health investment will pay great dividends.

Health Care

Investing in oral health by visiting the dentistOral health is one of the foundations of overall health. If you are not investing in your oral health, chances are you’re paying for it elsewhere, such as in your other health bills. A pair of insurance companies teamed up to research the healthcare costs of people with gum disease and found that those who had their gum disease treated saved thousands of dollars in costs for treating conditions like pregnancy, heart disease, and diabetes. Cost savings were amazing in some cases. Heart disease costs dropped by 20%, diabetes cost by 40%, and pregnancy care by 74%.

Not only that, but treating gum disease also reduced the risk of hospitalization related to these conditions.

Job Prospects

Investing in the health and appearance of your smile doesn’t just reduce costs, it can increase earnings. An unhealthy or unattractive smile can make it harder to get a job. If the health or appearance of your smile is making the difference in your job prospects, getting it fixed will pay you back dozens of times over.

Personal Relationships

Man (nor woman!) does not live by bread alone, and it’s not just in dough that your oral health investment will pay you back. Potential dates are going to be judging you on the basis of your smile, and an attractive smile will help you find someone to help you spend your money in the best ways possible.

And the health of your smile matters, too, especially if you want to turn that first date into a second and third and fourth. Most cases of bad breath are related to poor oral health, and bad breath has been rated the biggest turn-off on a first date.

Lost Work

Unfortunately, you might look at the time required for oral healthcare the same way you look at the money: as spent time, not invested time. But this isn’t true, either. Every year, Americans lose over 164 million hours of work due to oral health problems.

You have your choice: you can schedule in half-hour preventive visits at your convenience or wait for an emergency procedure like a root canal to put you on your back at the time you can least afford it.

A Great Investment

When you’re next considering where to put your money, remember that oral health is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. It will pay you back in money, time, and even happiness.

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