When was the last time you were carded at a bar? Maybe it wasn’t too long ago. Perhaps you’re still in that age range when you can keep the bartender on their toes. Before they ask for your ID, they’re likely making snap judgments for your age based on a few obvious factors in appearance like graying hair or mature, lackluster skin. We don’t necessarily think of our smiles as an aging factor, but as we get older, our teeth change and our smiles age, often faster than our actual chronological age.

If you’re age-conscious, you’ll want to pay closer attention to these tell-tale signs of an aging smile.

How Your Smile Makes You Look Older | Dentist Rockland County


Just like skin, as teeth age, they lose their natural brightness. Years of food, caffeine and acidic drinks begin to show their wear on the color and luminosity of your teeth. As a result, teeth lose their natural whiteness. Dull color, yellow shades and darker teeth are all common signs of aging teeth. Teeth naturally discolor with age, but if your lifestyle causes them to darken faster, they may make you look older than you are.

Tooth discoloration can be corrected with teeth whitening. From stick-on strips to gel-filled trays, there are a lot of tooth-whitening options. It’s important to know which option is best for your teeth.

But sometimes whiteners you buy at the store are not enough. If your teeth are sensitive, contain fillings or crowns, or aren’t responding to whitening, you’ll benefit more from a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. We can provide you with an in-home whitening system that’s stronger than drugstore whiteners or suggest an in-office treatment.


Teeth wear down after years of good use. They lose some of their length and become shorter. Cracks, chips and fissures are all common in aged teeth too. Uneven edges and misshapen teeth contribute to a smile that appears old.

Your teeth can be restored to their youthful proportions, and be made to look healthier. Porcelain veneers are an excellent option to achieve youthful length, create evenness, and even offer long-term whiteness.


Our teeth are the structure of our smile. If teeth are too short, leaning in or not supporting the structure of our mouth, the face starts to take on a caved-in appearance. The corners of our lips can droop, lose their contour and cause cheeks to sag.

Reconstructive dentistry can give you back the substance of your smile. We can use dental crowns to build up your smile and give you back a more youthful facial appearance. We can even do this for people with dentures. Traditional dentures can make you look older, but FOY ® Dentures can give your jaw the support it needs to maintain youthful proportions.

A Smile Forever Young

We don’t need to lose a youthful smile as we age. Just as we take other anti-aging steps like dyeing gray hairs, our teeth can also use some anti-aging attention.

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