For years, dentists have told you to drink less coffee due to its tooth-staining qualities. However, coffee and tea could actually help prevent gum disease. Additionally, caffeine has other benefits for your overall wellbeing.

Unfortunately, drinking tea and coffee stains your tooth enamel, which could require cosmetic dentistry to fix. If you want to remove dark stains, professional teeth whitening can help. When you visit B & D Dental Excellence, we can assist you with teeth whitening or other restorative procedures. And, you can drink a cup of coffee while we talk!

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What is Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss in the US. When plaque and tartar build-up on teeth, bacteria grow. This, in turn, causes an infection in the gums.

Even more, the bacterial infection can spread to your bloodstream and other major organs. Since it can affect your entire body, gum disease is a very serious issue. If you experience “gummy” gums, painful gums or tooth loss, schedule an appointment with your dentist about possible gum disease.

Preventing Gum Disease

To prevent gum disease, you should schedule regular dental cleaning appointments with Dr. Dunayer at B & D Dental Excellence. In addition to regular appointments, continue practicing good oral hygiene at home.

Gum disease has become a serious issue because many people lack either the motivation or the resources to practice good oral health. To practice good oral health, brush twice a day and floss daily. When you visit your dentist, he will give you other recommendations based on your oral hygiene.

Coffee and Tea Reduce Inflammation

One of the other ways to prevent infection is by consuming antioxidants. This is where coffee and tea come in.

Antioxidants found in coffee and tea reduce inflammation in your gums and your body in general. According to several studies, specific antioxidants, such as polyphenols and catechins, aid in infection relief. In addition to coffee and tea, you can find these in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and chocolate.

Beware of sugar and cream, though. Coffee and tea may decrease bacteria but sugar and cream feed it. Only when you drink your coffee or tea black will your oral health improve.

Other Effects of Caffeinated Beverages

Coffee and tea may also cause anxiety in some people. Where some feel uplifted and ready to tackle the day, others experience teeth-grinding, insomnia, and added stress.

If caffeine doesn’t have negative effects on you, it may benefit you in more ways than one. Yes, you’ll benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties in addition to its uplifting effect. Additionally, you may also see a lower risk of oral and liver cancer.

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