“Healthy” and “soda” are two words rarely found in the same sentence; as are “soda” and “dental health,” at least not in a positive light. We’ve all been told for years that sodas aren’t the best things to consume on a daily basis. Beverages such as soda, and other high sugar drinks, aren’t often considered to be healthy for waistlines or teeth. Our Rockland County dentists understand how tasty a sip of soda is, but we know how harmful an effect it can have on teeth.

Glass of soda sitting on a countertop

What is the Most Healthy Soda?

 Root Beer 4.75 pH
 Diet 7UP 3.70 pH
 Diet Coke 3.65 pH
 Diet Mountain Dew 3.36 pH
 Sprite 3.29 pH
 Mountain Dew 3.22 pH
 7UP 3.20 pH
 Coke Zero 3.18 pH
 Diet Dr. Pepper 3.16 pH
 Slice Orange 3.05 pH
 Squirt 2.89 pH
 Fanta Orange 2.73 pH
 Pepsi 2.53 pH
 Coca Cola 2.52 pH
 Cherry Coke 2.52 pH

Since most sodas contain acids, most notably citric and phosphoric acid, consuming soda on a regular basis can cause dental erosion, as well as enamel loss. In fact, certain brands of colas are extremely acidic, ranking 2.39 when compared to the average acidity of a battery which is 1.0.

The following sodas are listed from lowest level of acid to highest: root beer, Diet 7UP, Diet Coke, Diet Mountain Dew, Sprite, Mountain Dew, 7UP, Coke Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper, Slice Orange, Squirt, Fanta Orange, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Cherry Coke.

Not only should you feel concerned with drinking sodas, but carbonated drinks in general. Sparkling water is a huge hit in the market right now, with Coca Cola recently releasing their new line of sparkling waters, AHA. Sparkling water generally has a pH between 3 and 4, similar to Sprite and 7UP.

Is Root Beer Healthy for Teeth?

Although root beer is widely grouped in with other sodas, studies have proven that root beer is unlike the rest. After examination of the make-up and ingredients of root beer, researchers found that this type of soda rarely has any traces of citric or phosphoric acid. This makes root beer healthier for teeth when compared to typical colas. Root beer acidity is also much lower than other sodas on the market. It generally has a pH between 4.03 to 4.75 which is far less acidic than other types of sodas. With a lower acidic content, less harm occurs to the enamel. However, just like dark colas, root beer can still cause tooth staining which may require professional teeth whitening to correct.

Of course, the food and beverages you eat are only part of maintaining a healthy mouth and smile. Drinking a Coke or Sprite occasionally won’t cause a complete disaster in your mouth, but routine cola-consumption along with poor dental hygiene can cause plenty of problems.

Enjoy Root Beer in Rockland County with Proper Dental Care

Along with a proper diet, to keep your teeth healthy, you need routine professional care. Dr. Dunayer’s office is only a phone call or email away. If you’re looking to schedule routine appointments, please contact us here. You can drink your favorite root beer in Rockland County without worrying about cavities and other harmful effects of root beer on your teeth.