Normally, we use the CAD/CAM system CEREC as part of our Premium Crown Experience. It’s a great technology for making dental crowns conveniently and expertly. But the CEREC system is very versatile, and can be used for any type of ceramic restoration. This includes inlays, onlays, bridges, and even veneers.

At our office, we don’t use CEREC for making veneers, but other practices might use them to correct a chipped tooth, poorly formed tooth, or a gap in your smile. And now new research shows that when CEREC is used for veneers, it gives great results: highly attractive and highly durable. This is more support for the overall benefit of CEREC restorations, including dental crowns.

Great Results with CEREC Veneers

High Success with Hundreds of Veneers

This study looked at nearly 200 veneers placed in 71 patients’ mouths. There were veneers made out of two types of blocks, 92 IPS Empress, and 105 IPS e.max veneers. Patients with veneers were followed for five years. Researchers tracked the survival of the veneers, the success rate, patient satisfaction, and many other aspects of appearance and performance.

The veneers performed great in this study. Over the five year period, the overall survival rate was 99%, with just two veneers fracturing. The overall success rate was given as 96.4%, and patient satisfaction was 95.5%.

The two types of veneers did turn out to be a little different in terms of survival and other aspects of performance. The e.max veneers performed better. They had a 100% survival rate–no chips or fractures. There was no debonding of these veneers, and they had a 90% perfect color match, with just 10% showing a discernible color difference to natural teeth, and none showing an obvious color difference. No patients had tooth sensitivity related to their veneers.

This study is a great starting point. It would be great if researchers continue to follow this study group to see how CEREC veneers hold up at 10 or 20 years.

CEREC Is a Great Choice for Your Restorations

In case you weren’t sure whether CEREC crowns could be high enough quality, this study shows that they are. The results are very much in line with our personal experience, which shows that patients tend to be very satisfied with these long-lasting and attractive restorations.

Of course, CEREC is just another tool, and it takes the skilled brain and hands of a dentist to use the tool to achieve great results. Fortunately, Rockland County cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark Dunayer has the training, skill, and experience working with CEREC to achieve great results for his patients.

And, of course, there’s the added convenience of getting your restoration placed in just one visit to our office. Enjoy the great benefits of single-visit crowns. And if you know that these restorations are attractive and durable when used for veneers, know that they’re that much greater when used for crowns.

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