Chances are you’ve never been excited to go get a dental crown. People don’t generally bounce out of bed in the morning on the day of their dental appointment, eager to get to the office and have that crown applied. And they certainly don’t look forward to the second appointment once they’ve completed the first. In fact, many people dread getting dental crowns because of the discomfort and inconvenience of the process.

Good news: That process just got a lot easier thanks to Premium Crown Experience.

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A Better Dental Crown Experience

Normally, getting a dental crown takes two visits. That means disrupting your day to travel all the way to the dentist to get impressions taken and then having a temporary crown applied. Then, once the permanent crown has been custom manufactured for your tooth, you have to disrupt your schedule again, travel to the dentist again, get anesthetized again, and finally have the actual crown placed.

It’s anything but convenient. And if you suffer from dental anxiety, all of this back-and-forth can be even more stressful. No wonder so many people put off this very necessary dental work!

But thanks to CEREC, you only have to make one visit to the dentist to get a durable, attractive custom dental crown. CEREC allows your dentist to design and craft the perfect ceramic crown while you wait, so you don’t have to take any more time out of your schedule than absolutely necessary.

How CEREC Works

CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, utilizes technology like 3D photography and computer-aided design to take digital impressions of your teeth, and then design and create the actual crown right there in the dentist’s office.

These ceramic crowns are constructed from advanced materials designed to be both beautiful and strong. The material is designed to be slightly translucent, just like your real teeth. Your dentist has the ability to adjust the coloration of the ceramic to best match your real teeth for a seamless, subtle crown. And they’re not just attractive — they’re strong enough to withstand the full bite force of any of your teeth, even the molars. A CEREC crown will give you decades of use if well cared for.

Nervous about the procedure? Our office is equipped to provide you with nitrous oxide during the crown application. This safe and effective sedative agent can help people who experience fear of dental work, difficulty getting numb, soreness before or after dental treatments, or even people with a sensitive gag reflex.

Our top priority is ensuring that your dental crown experience is easy and comfortable. If you experience extreme dental anxiety, we even offer oral sedation to make your procedure easy and stress-free.

If you need a dental crown, don’t settle for the standard crown experience. Instead, make sure your dental crown is the best quality, most beautiful, most durable, and easiest to get. There’s no reason to suffer through two visits and two uncomfortable procedures for a good-looking, functional crown.

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